Your Guide to Baby Shower Organization

The clock is counting -- time for baby shower organization 101

Baby shower organization is the key to a successful shower. If possible, you should give yourself about two months to plan. Two months lets you take your time, enjoy the process, and not feel too rushed over the whole thing. If you have less time, it's still very possible: you'll just have to condense some of your planning and -- if you're really rushed -- skip a few steps altogether.

Generally, though, it's more fun to take your time and do your baby shower planning properly. So if you have your eight weeks -- or even if you don't -- here's a timeline to help you figure out how to organize a baby shower.

How to organize a baby shower in eight weeks

Planning a baby shower isn't hard as long as you stay organized and keep ahead of the game. With this checklist to guide you, it won't take you long to plan the baby shower of the mom-to-be's dreams!

Eight Weeks Before:

-Talk to Mom and find out if she has any visions for her shower. Ask her to start compiling a guest list. If the shower is a surprise, talk to her Mom, best friend, or husband instead.

-Decide where to hold the shower and make sure it's available. Decide if you need a backup plan (for example, if it's an outdoor shower, what will you do if it rains?).

-Recruit one or two helpers or close friends to share the burden.

-Decide on a theme for your shower.

Seven Weeks Before:

-Begin pricing items such as decorations, food, and invitations. Make decisions about what work you plan to do alone and what you plan to contract out. For example, for a small shower (and if you're a crafty person), handmade invites are a nice touch -- but with all your baby shower planning to do don't feel pressured to take on too much.

-Begin anything you plan to make yourself.

-Create a rough budget for the party.

-If you plan to order anything (decorations, etc.) online, do it now so there will be plenty of time for delivery.

-Remind the mom (or whoever) about guest lists and ask to have them completed next week.

Six Weeks Before:

-Collect guest lists.

-Decide if you have special instructions for guests regarding what to wear, what to bring, types of gifts, etc.

-Stuff and mail invitations.

Five Weeks Before:

-Book anything you require professionally done (catering, flowers, entertainment, etc.)

-Plan the menu.

-Keep track of RSVPs.

Four Weeks Before:

-Choose games and activities.

-Buy any decorations, prizes, favors, etc. you will need for the party and begin assembling them.

Three Weeks Before:

-Confirm numbers and hunt down anyone who hasn't RSVPed yet.

-Purchase your own gift for mom-to-be.

Two Weeks Before:

-Confirm with any caterers, entertainers, etc.

-Make arrangements to have pets, children, and husbands out of the way (if necessary).

One Week Before:

-Make all final purchases, including groceries.

-Make ahead any foods that can be frozen or will last throughout the week.

-Wrap gifts and organize games, favors, and prizes.

The Day Before:

-Finish the cooking.

-Put up the decorations.

All that's left to do is relax and enjoy yourself -- and it's all thanks to your awesome baby shower organization!


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Your Guide to Baby Shower Organization

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