You Can Make Your Own Baby Shower Invitations

How to make your own baby shower invitations in no time flat.

You’re planning a baby shower and you need baby shower invitations, but the store-bought selection just isn’t cutting it and you don’t have the cash to put out for customized invites? Worry not! Patti the Perfect Party Planner comes to the rescue again!

Think Outside of the Box

No one says you have to use store bought invitations or that you have to fork out a lot of cold, hard cash for customized invitations. In fact, why not make your own baby shower invitations and let your creativity pay off?

The Options Are Endless

Once you decide to make your own baby shower invitations, the options available to you are endless. Whether you make the baby shower invitations on the computer or whether you hand write each invitation yourself, the decision is totally up to you. You know what you have time for and what your skill set is, so put yourself to work and figure out what type of baby shower invitations make sense for you.

Get Supplies

Once you decide what type of baby shower invitations you’re going to be making, it’s time to make a shopping list. Once your list is set, go out and get supplies from the local craft or hobby store. Office supply stores are also an excellent resource for baby shower invitation supplies.

Use a Guide

You want to make sure that you have all of the pertinent information on your baby shower invitations, so you might want to purchase a store-bought invitation to use as a guide for your information fields. This will help you to ensure that you haven’t overlooked any vital information for your baby shower invitations.

Enlist Help

If the baby shower invitations you’ve decided to make are quite intricate and need a lot of detailed work, enlist help. There’s nothing wrong with throwing a little craft party and asking your friends to come over and help with the creation of your baby shower invitations. In fact, you can all have fun with the project by making it a group effort.

Send Em’ Out

Now that your baby shower invitations are made and you’ve proven yourself to be the artist you always knew you were, it’s time to send out your pieces of art. You can decorate the envelopes or leave them plain, the choice is up to you. Just make sure the envelope you use is fitting of the artwork you have created with your baby shower invitations.


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