Who Wants To Play Baby Shower Bingo?

How to play baby shower bingo.

Okay, who’s up for baby shower bingo? You are? That’s great! I’m Patti the Perfect Party Planner and I’m here to tell you the ins and the outs of baby shower bingo and how to play baby shower bingo at your next baby shower.

Preparing for Baby Shower Bingo

To prepare for baby shower bingo, you’re going to need to prepare your baby shower bingo cards. Each space on the baby shower bingo card should name a baby-related item, with the middle spot of the card being a free space, just like in regular Bingo.

Make sure that you make enough cards for each guest. You’re also going to want to write all of the items that are on the bingo cards onto little slips of paper, which will serve as the bingo balls.

The Rules of Baby Shower Bingo

As the guests arrive, give them each a baby shower bingo card. You will want to have the little slips of paper that you wrote the items on in a bag. As you pull the papers out of the bag, have the guests mark off that item on their baby shower bingo cards. The first guest to have five in a row gets bingo and wins the prize.

Another Variation of Baby Shower Bingo

There is another variation of this game where you give each guest a blank baby shower bingo card when they arrive at the party. Have each guest fill in the blanks with presents that they think the guest of honor will be receiving at the party.

When the guest of honor begins opening her presents, each guest will check off the presents that she receives that are on their baby shower bingo cards. The first guest to get five in a row wins the game of baby shower bingo.

If you prepare properly ahead of time, baby shower bingo can be a great way to keep your guests entertained through the party and is a great way to give out prizes to your guests.

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