Unique Baby Shower: Your Step by Step Guide

Tired of boring baby showers? This article tells you everything you need to create a unique baby shower

Planning a unique baby shower isn't hard. It just takes a bit of patience and creativity. In fact, with a few ideas to start you off, you can probably come up with fantastic ideas all on your own.

The fun thing about baby showers is that every one is different. Depending on the type of person you are, the mom-to-be is, and your friends are, you're going to make very different choices than someone else might. And that's what keeps things fresh and unique.

Unique baby shower themes

Looking for a theme that will make people take notice? Forget about teddy bears, Disney, and the all inclusive 'baby' theme - it's all been done before. Instead try some of these creative ideas.

-Zen: The Mom-to-be is probably desperate for some relaxation right about now, so instead of planning a wild party, why not make it a relaxing event? Play soft music, have a water fountain going in the background, and serve edamame and dumplings instead of crackers and cheese.

-A Star is Born: If Mom has a flashier personality, why not try a flashier party? Give everyone a pair of inexpensive star shaped sunglasses, use tin foil stars for baby shower decorations, and instead of having people guess the baby's gender, have them guess what sort of star they'll grow up to be.

-A Crafty Kid: If you have crafty friends, why not get together to knit squares for a baby blanket, do some fun take home crafts, or make decorations for the baby's room? You can send the crafts home as party favors, give them to Mom as gifts, or a combination of the two.

-Dr Seuss: This is less overdone than other baby shower themes, but still a fun and appropriate option. You can easily find Dr Seuss party favors and decorations, and can pepper your invitations with Seuss quotes. For a finishing touch, give Mom a copy of Oh the Places You'll Go to inspire her baby.

-Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: If Mom's craving sweets, give them to her in plenty. Send out 'golden ticket' invitations, provide plenty of chocolate treats, or recruit the kids to dress as oompa-loompas and help serve at the party (you can 'pay' them in leftover chocolate!).

-An Old Fashioned Shower: For the Mom who has everything and loves to keep it simple, why not have an old time gathering? Make sure to handmake all the food (recruit help!). Homemade bread is a wonderful touch. Invite guests to bring homemade gifts, and have a game to see who can concoct the tastiest baby foods with a bunch of fresh ingredients and a blender.

-A Bookworm Shower: Again, this works best for Moms who already have a lot of those baby necessities. Invite guests to bring their favorite childhood books as gifts and fashion your baby shower decorations around a storybook theme. Give out candy 'book' worms and read the first line of favorite stories, challenging guests to identify the book.

Use your creativity, and these are just a few of the unique baby shower themes you'll come up with.


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