Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

If you're coming up empty when it comes to baby shower gift ideas, here are a few suggestions to help jump-start your creativity

Since the idea of a baby shower is to "shower" the mommy-to-be with childcare necessities, it's a good idea to come up with some unique (but useful) baby shower gift ideas before you head for your next event. But what can you offer than hasn't already been done to death?

Here are a few gift ideas to consider. We can't guarantee that no one else will think of them, but it's better than just giving up and buying a pack of diapers.

And speaking of diapers, how about...

A Diaper Cake

Surprisingly, this isn't a real cake -- and it's not one of those disgusting diapers filled with melted chocolate goo, either. Also called a baby cake (and we won't even go there, thanks), it's a multilayered cake-shaped concoction crafted mostly out of diapers, which will of course soon come in handy.

Imagine one of those really big white wedding cakes... made from diapers. Yep. Most diaper cakes also include baby care products of various kinds, with the occasional stuffed animal or item of baby clothing included. Diaper cakes make great shower centerpieces, by the way.

You can make a diaper cake yourself if you're crafty enough; or if you're like me, you can buy one from a place like LiLBabyCakes.com

Or How About a DVD?

Mothers-to-be can always use some advice (just ask their mothers and mother-in-laws), so how about a parenting DVD? Not surprisingly, there are plenty available. We're especially fond of this one, which comes complete with a manual... something that they neglect to provide when you get the baby.

Daddy's Toolbox

You know what people tend to forget when they throw a baby shower? That the baby has two parents, and Daddy needs to get in on the act, too. So don't hesitate to put together a Baby Handling Toolbox for Dad.

It's simple enough: all you need is an inexpensive toolbox and all the essentials for caring for and changing a baby: baby wipes, powder, oil, drool rags, newborn diapers, biohazard bags, tongs, pacifier, an emergency supply of baby formula -- you know, the basics.

If you'd rather leave it to the experts, we're fond of this item here. It comes complete with a Poop Poncho and goggles, little details that are just hard to beat.

Are You Thinking Yet?

We realize that the above gifts, while both classy and imminently useful, may not quite be for you. But at the very least, they ought to get you to thinking a little bit... and it shouldn't be long before you come up with some nifty baby shower gift ideas of your own.


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