Unique and Interesting Baby Shower Themes

More great baby shower themes to keep things fun and unique

In my opinion, great baby shower themes have to fulfill two conditions. They have to be unique and fun, and they have to be easy. It's no use to me if I have to spend weeks special ordering stuff off the Internet to make my baby shower ideas come together.

Although I'm as big a fan of unique baby shower themes as anyone, there's such a thing as going too far. Here's a good general question: Can I get most of the stuff I need without leaving my neighborhood/town/city? If the answer is yes, you're in good shape.

These unique baby shower themes are creative and original, but you won't go crazy looking for decorations, favors, and invites.

Perfect baby shower ideas and themes

Here are some unique baby shower themes for your next party.

1. Garden tea party

You know what? Not ever baby shower theme has to be cutesy and childish. You can get a group of women together for a beautiful afternoon tea party. Surround yourselves with baskets of fresh cut flowers, serve sandwiches, tea, fresh fruit, and cupcakes, and enjoy a more low key afternoon. This is perfect for the mom who isn't into all of the oh-it's-so-cute stuff that often comes with showers.

2. Spa experience

Mom to be is probably stressed and tired. Why not offer her a bit of pampering? Model decorations after a spa retreat: candles, plants, dim lights, soft music. Then hire someone to do pedicures, manicures, henna tattoos, or belly casting. You could also invite guests to bring an additional tiny gift just for mom.

3. Book shower

Choose your favorite book and create a baby shower theme from that. You can use a famous children's book (serving green eggs and ham would be fun for a brunch shower!), but you could also use a favorite adult's book. A Sherlock Holmes mystery baby shower? Why not!

4. Low key and casual

Not every baby shower theme has to be a THEME theme. Why not go with a laid back and casual atmosphere? Forget the dress code, invite the men, fire up the BBQ, and crank some tunes. A baby shower can be a lot of fun if the people involved agree to treat it more like a birthday party than a formal event.

5. A bonding experience

This works best with a few very close friends. If you're part of a smallish circle of friends who spend a lot of time together, treat yourselves -- and mom to be -- to what may very well be the last girls' night out for a while! Either make an elegant meal or go out to a fancy restaurant. Encourage dressing up and fun flashy jewelry. Drink sparkling cider from goblets and be silly pretending to be the ultra rich!

As you can see, creating unique baby shower themes isn't as hard as it seems -- just about anything can be a theme if you approach it the right way. Before you know it you'll see baby shower themes everywhere you look.


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