Two Beautiful Baby Shower Themes

Having a hard time coming up with baby shower themes? How about butterflies or barbecue?

Choosing baby shower themes is rarely easy. Certain things are expected, but then again, we've all been to the same-old, same-old way too many times -- so it's always nice to add a few unique touches to the mix.

As always, we're happy to offer a few ideas for your consideration. This month, we'll reach toward the front of the alphabet for two happy little B's that are ideal for the spring baby showers: butterflies and barbecue.

Fluttering By

How better to celebrate a baby emerging into the world than with a butterfly shower? Whether you hold it outdoors or in your rec room, you can have a great time by creating a sweet little butterfly garden.

Start with butterfly-decorated invitations, of course, and carry the theme onward into colorful party favors. You can find bright stationery and bags at hobby supply and party stores, and if you get tired of drawing butterflies, there's always the option of butterfly stamps and (believe it or not) butterfly paper punches.

The real opportunity for creative fun lies in the party food. If you're crafty in a culinary sense, you can make candy flowers from candy molds and lollipop sticks, create caterpillars from grapes strung on toothpicks, and ice butterfly-themed cookies. The world's your Lepidoptera!

Grill It

If cutesy bugs aren't your thing, there's always the option of searing food outside over an open flame. How often do people get to attend a baby shower barbecue, after all? Not as often as they should; for some reason, these two party themes are rarely paired.

But admit it: most everybody loves a good BBQ. Even vegans can savor a barbecued veggie or two, from roasted corn-on-the-cob to grilled potatoes or, better yet, sweet potatoes. Here's a great excuse to congregate in the backyard and enjoy tasty food.

The whole family can attend a baby shower like this one; so if kids are coming, it's a great idea. It's also an excellent way to get the guys to show their faces, since few men can resist the allure of the barbecue pit. So stock up on baby back ribs and roasted corn niblets, and start sending out the invites!

Two for the Price of One

Instead of limiting yourself to a single theme, you can easily merge these two happy B's into one grand extravaganza. This will work especially well if you were planning to hold your butterfly party outside anyhow; there's no reason why you can't enjoy your buggy desserts and decorations with a little BBQ.

Whether applied together or separately, butterflies and barbecue can make for truly memorable events. So why not give these baby shower themes a shot, eh?


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