The Wonderful World of Diaper Cakes

Diaper cakes: what they are and how to make them

Usually the words diaper and cakes don’t go hand in hand, but diaper cakes are actually a fun little project that make great table centerpieces at baby showers.

What Are Diaper Cakes Anyway?

No, diaper cakes aren’t something that you find inside of a diaper! Diaper cakes are cakes made out of diapers (clean diapers at that). In fact, not only do these diaper cakes make great centerpieces, but they make great gifts for the mom-to-be!

What You’ll Need For Your Diaper Cakes

First let’s take a look at what you’re going to need to make your diaper cake.

50 disposable diapers (you may have some left over, but it’s better to have more than not enough).
16” disposable platter
75 feet of narrow ribbon (to be used for tying the rolled up diapers)
8 feet of wide ribbon
One tall baby bottle
Scotch tape
Assorted baby accessories like rattles, teethers, pacifiers, etc.

Diaper Cakes: Rolling the Diapers

Cut fifty feet of the narrow ribbon into foot-long lengths. Now roll the diapers (decorations can be either on the inside or the outside) and tie the rolled up diapers with the foot-long lengths of ribbon

Diaper Cakes: Setting up the Cake

Now take about six of the rolled diapers and stand them around the baby bottle (the baby bottle will act as the center piece). Tie the diapers tightly around the bottle with a length of ribbon. This will serve as the top tier of the cake.

Now create the second tier of the cake by standing about 15 to 16 diapers together and tying them tightly together with a ribbon. Then create the third tier the same way using about 25 to 30 diapers.

Diaper Cakes: Assembling the Cake

Now place the tiers on top of one another with the largest tier being on the bottom and the tier with the bottle being on the top. Tie a length of wide ribbon around each tier. Decorate the diaper cake by sticking the accessories into the ribbon.

Now you know how to create diaper cakes!


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