The Time Capsule Baby Shower

Here's a baby shower theme/gift that will last for years to come: the time capsule.

As you probably realize by now, we're on a mission to supply you with the freshest, most thought-provoking, and above all fun baby shower themes we can find or invent. This time, we offer up what may be the ultimate in memory-type themes: the time capsule shower.

You've probably heard about time capsules; you may even have helped prepare one or two. Basically, a capsule includes a whole slew of artifacts relevant to the year it's sealed, along with news reports, handwritten or recorded messages, photos, etc.

A Slight Difference

Unlike most time capsules, the baby shower version isn't intended to be buried for fifty years before someone digs it up. This is the kind you lovingly store away, and bring out occasionally over the years for the growing child to explore.

Here's my favorite idea for a time capsule: providing the appropriately numbered envelopes and stationary, have each of your guests write a note to the baby for each of his or her birthdays, from 1-18. The note can bear a memory, a thought or wish for their future, or anything the writer thinks is important.

Then seal them in their envelopes, and store them in a special box inside the capsule. You'll have to read the first few messages to Baby, of course, but once he or she learns to read, the kiddo can take it from there!

Details, Details

As far as the capsule itself goes, something durable and sturdy is a must. It's best if you use a brightly colored container, so it's easy to keep track of. A plastic box with an airtight lid works best, but a heavy cardboard box with a snug lid will do.

What else should you include? Items of everyday use or special significance to the baby's birth year work best, especially if they're dated. For example:

• Coins
• Postage stamps
• Magazines
• DVDs of popular movies
• Popular music CDs
• Typical toys of the era
• Newborn baby clothing
• A scrapbook of significant events and people of the year thus far
• Photos from the baby shower
• Contemporary photos of Mom, Dad, and siblings
• Locks of the baby's hair

And anything else (within reason) that you might imagine!

A Few Cautions

While most objects you include in your kiddy time capsule will be stable enough not to deteriorate within just a few years, your best bet is to seal any papers or photos in resealable plastic bags, and to use acid free paper if possible.

That way, the items will stay as bright and fresh as they were when you sealed them in on the day of the baby shower!


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