The Best Baby Shower Gifts on the Block

Four of the best baby shower gifts ever.

Whether you’re planning a baby shower or going to one, shopping for baby shower gifts may be the best part of all. There’s much to be said for shopping for blankets and sleepers and cute little rattles that light up and jingle. Yes, for some reason baby shower gifts tend to bring a smile to the faces of even the sternest of adults.

The only problem is, with so much to choose from how do you know exactly what to get? Don’t fret. Pattie the Perfect Party Planner is here to give you the top baby shower gift ideas ever, ensuring that your gift will be one that is treasured for years to come.

Best Baby Shower Gifts #1 -- Personalized Baby Blankets

No matter how corny you think personalized gifts may be, everyone loves personalized baby blankets. Now, to pull this one off the parents need to be reasonably sure about the gender of the child and they need to have let you in on that secret, not to mention they need to have picked out a name already, but if all of that falls into place, a personalized baby blanket makes a great baby shower gift.

Best Baby Shower Gifts #2 -- Diapers

Okay, do you want to give something sweet and pretty or do you want to give something practical? Something that the parents of this little tot are going to be up to their ears in, but will never have enough of? Then you want to give diapers. A month’s supply of diapers won’t just be practical, it’ll save the new parents much needed cash, which is sure to be appreciated.

Best Baby Shower Gifts #3 -- Gift Certificates

Sure, they might not be personal, but they sure will come in use when the new parents need to run to the store to purchase an overlooked item or something they didn’t realize they’d needed. A gift certificate is a great way to help with the financial burden of raising a new baby.

Best Baby Shower Gifts #4 -- Savings Bonds

There’s lots of things that new parents need to start saving for when their child is born. Education, a car, the list goes on. Savings bonds can help fund a child’s future and they make great baby shower gifts.


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