Planning a Green Baby Shower

Why not go with a green baby shower this year?

Never heard of a green baby shower? Not many people have -- but they're starting to catch on. As more and more people become aware of the environmental consequences of things like disposable diapers, baby food jars, and the many other baby items thrown away each day, eco friendly baby shower themes take hold.

Whether you're dealing with a 'flower child' Mom who plans to do everything as green as possible or you just want to encourage environmental responsibility among your friends, a green baby shower makes a fantastic baby shower theme. Here's what you need to do!

Tips for planning "green" baby showers

Before you plan your green baby shower, here are some tips and ideas to help you out.

1. Be consistent. Don't say you're having a green baby shower and then decorate with items you're going to throw away! Use items that can be recycled, have been recycled, or, best of all, can double as gifts for the new Mom and her family.

2. Use evites whenever possible -- it saves paper on invitations.

3. Invite guests to skip on traditional wrapping paper and either opt for reusable gift bags or recyclable newspaper in keeping with your baby shower theme.

4. Make sure you talk to the Mom about all of these ideas beforehand. Remember, this baby shower is about her, not you. As admirable as your eco friendly ideas may be, if she recoils at the idea, look through other baby shower themes that might be more amenable.

5. Send guests ideas for green baby shower gifts. Suggestions could include reusable cloth diapers, a high quality blender (for making baby food), reusable baby dishes, or items made from organic cotton.

6. As with most baby shower themes, it's important to try to match the food, games, and decorations to the theme itself. Use your imagination but try to keep the food healthy and go with local or organic produce if possible.

7. If Mom seems to like the idea, suggest a recycled baby shower: invite guests to bring either items they no longer need from their own children or items purchased at a second hand or thrift shop. That way, Mom gets the items she needs, you save items from the landfill, and everyone saves money.

8. Consider a diaper cake -- always a fun baby shower centerpiece -- created using cloth diapers and eco friendly items. Talk to a local decorator or look up instructions for a traditional diaper cake and make it yourself.

Baby shower themes can be tricky, but not if you're an environmentally conscious person working with an equally environmentally conscious Mom! Keep the earth in mind -- after all, the baby's the one who's going to inherit it -- and go for a green baby shower this year.


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