Planning a Baby Shower for Your Best Friend

Ten steps to planning a baby shower for your best friend.

So you’re planning a baby shower, but you’re not planning a baby shower for just anyone, you’re planning a baby shower for your best friend. Under quite a bit of pressure aren’t you? After all, if it’s not the perfect party your friend will have no one but you to blame. On the other hand, if you throw the party of a lifetime it’ll be something that can bring the two of you even closer together.

Don’t worry. You’ll plan the perfect baby shower because you have Patti the Perfect Party Planner in your corner. I know how dear a best friend is and I’m not going to let you let her down. So let’s get to work!

A Theme

First things first, let’s choose a theme. Every great party has a great theme and when planning a baby shower, a theme is a must. Whether it is a time of day theme or a firsts theme, your party must have a theme if you want it to be an absolute hit.

The Menu

Once you have the theme checked off your list it’s time to move on to the menu. Food is a big part of pregnancy and it’s also a big part of planning a baby shower. When planning the menu, make sure that you cover the tastes of everyone attending the party. That means having a wide arrange including sweet, salty, spicy and a mixture of textures.


Planning a baby shower isn’t complete unless you plan some baby shower games. Pin the pacifier on the baby, the memory game, the list goes on. Make sure you plan at least one or two games during your baby shower planning. You want to keep your guests entertained or your party might turn into one big boring mess.

A Speech

You are planning a baby shower for your best friend after all. Don’t you think you should give a speech about how much she means to you and how happy you are for her? A speech is a wonderful way to end the baby shower.

While it’s true that planning a baby shower for your best friend can be overwhelming, when you take it step by step everything should run smoothly.


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