Picture Perfect Baby Shower Centerpieces

Find beautiful baby shower centerpieces to bring your d├ęcor together

Many people don't think about baby shower centerpieces. After all, the centerpiece isn't what it once was -- essential to any dinner or party. You can have perfectly beautiful baby showers and never think about a centerpiece -- I guarantee no one will comment on the difference.

So why bother with a centerpiece at all? There are a couple of reasons. First of all, a really good centerpiece attracts a lot of attention, which means you can keep the rest of your baby shower decorations very simple. Second, the centerpiece often doubles as a gift for the mom-to-be, which is a nice touch for any shower. And third, because it's not as common anymore, it sets your shower apart from the crowd.

Convinced? If so, here are some baby shower centerpieces to start with!

Baby shower decoration ideas using centerpieces

Baby shower centerpieces range from simple and homemade to ornate (and often expensive). There are a number of categories to consider when you're planning your centerpiece. You can choose one that matches your theme and other baby shower decoration ideas, or let the centerpiece stand on its own.

1. Flowers

Flowers can range from pricey professional bouquets to wildflowers gathered in your backyard. To keep them on theme, consider putting them in baby bottles instead of vases. Use baby themed ribbon to tie them up, and don't forget the baby's breath! Of course, bouquets go home with mom at the end of the party.

2. Toys

Certain themes lend themselves easily to a toy themed centerpiece. For example, if your theme is the teddy bear picnic, then a tableau of teddy bears enjoying a meal works perfectly -- and mom gets the bears after.

But even if your theme is more general, you can use a baby doll as a prop for a centerpiece. Tie it in a baby blanket, put it on a mound of diapers, or even have it popping out of a gift box surrounded by tissue paper!

3. Food

The most popular centerpiece, always, is food. A cake is an obvious choice, but you can also go with cupcakes (more and more popular) or something more original: for example, a chocolate fountain, a fruit bouquet, or a vegetable platter with the veggies cut into fancy shapes, such as radish rosettes.

4. A pile of gifts

Gifts make welcome baby shower centerpieces for ANY shower! Diaper cakes are increasingly popular and are practical and attractive gifts. You can also create displays out of baby necessities if you use your imagination. For example, stuff baby bottles with soothers, small toys, and other mommy necessaries!

Don't be reluctant to explore new baby shower decorations. Baby shower centerpieces can make your shower stand out from the crowd.


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