Nice and Inexpensive Baby Shower Gifts

Inexpensive baby shower gifts that will make an impression.

Looking for inexpensive baby shower gifts? Look no further. I’m Patti the Perfect Party Planner and I have some great ideas for you when it comes to inexpensive baby shower gifts.

Teethers and Baby Orajel

Teethers and Baby Orajel make great inexpensive baby gifts. While they may not cost a lot of money, they sure can prevent a lot of headaches and heartache when baby starts teething.

Put a couple of teethers (they have vibrating ones now that really help baby’s sore gums) and some packages of Baby Orajel into a cute little gift basket and you’ve got yourself a gift that keeps on giving.

Knit Your Own Baby Blankets

If you’re able to, knitting your own baby blankets can make awesome inexpensive baby shower gifts. All you need is the ability, some time and the cost of yarn and you’re on your way to giving the best inexpensive baby gifts ever.

If you know the color of the nursery, you can knit your blankets to color-coordinate with the color scheme.


Onesies make awesome inexpensive baby shower gifts. They’re practical, parents can’t seem to get their hands on enough of them and they’re very inexpensive. When shopping for your gift, go for the plain white onesies. They’re usually worn underneath clothing anyway and since the colorful ones are more expensive, the plain white onesies offer the better bargain.


Bottles also make great inexpensive baby shower gifts. You can never have too many bottles and by buying baby bottles as a baby shower gift, you’ll be doing mom and dad to be a huge favor and saving them an additional expense.

Just make sure you know what type of bottles mom and dad are planning on using so you know you’re buying the right ones.

Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals are also great inexpensive baby shower gifts. Pick out a few cute (but safe) stuffed animals for baby and you’ve got yourself a great inexpensive baby shower gift.

Basket of Baby Accessories

A basket of baby accessories like rattles and pacifiers will only set you back about twenty bucks and mom and dad are sure to love the gift as much as baby will.

As you can see, there’s a difference between cheap baby shower gifts and inexpensive baby shower gifts. You can buy inexpensive baby shower gifts that are quality gifts that will be treasured and appreciated for years to come.

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