Adoptees Deserve Baby Showers Too!

Baby showers represent a long-standing tradition that we've all participated in at least a few times. But in this era of evolving families, sometimes something pops up that might cause you to stumble a bit. For example, should you throw a baby shower if the couple is adopting a child, rather than having one naturally?

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Baby Shower Music to Rock Your Party

Many people forget baby shower music. They think of baby shower themes, decorations, games, food, gifts -- absolutely everything except the one thing that keeps a party moving through those awkward silences. I've even been to baby showers that don't play music at all, and you can feel the difference.

Music puts us in a social mood. It relaxes us, and it helps get a party into swing. You don't have to play music all night, of course: you can turn it off for games, gift giving, or whatever you like. But you should at least have it playing while people come in and eat, and you should always select your music as carefully as any other part of your baby shower.

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Have A Halloween Baby Shower

Not many people schedule a Halloween baby shower. Somehow the ghoulish holiday doesn't seem to match with celebrating a new birth. However, if you're willing to experiment a little, and you have a Mom who doesn't mind stepping a bit outside the ordinary, Halloween ideas make fantastic baby shower themes.

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Baby Shower Quotes: Taking Your Invitations from Bland to Babytastic

I love baby shower quotes. Not only is it so easy to find fantastic quotes that perfectly express what you're thinking, there's just something about quotations. They seem to transform even the most boring card, invitation, or place setting into something special.

Not used to using quotes, and not sure where to find cute baby shower quotes? Never fear - everything you need is right here.

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