Make Your Own Baby Shower Decorations

Great baby shower decorations you can make on your own.

Baby shower decorations can be so much fun, and making your own baby shower decorations can add even more fun into the equation. I’m Patti the Perfect Party Planner and I’m going to show you how to make some awesome baby shower decorations for your baby shower.

Diaper Cakes

Diaper cakes make great baby shower decorations and baby shower center pieces and they also make great baby shower gifts To make a diaper cake, simply create tiers out of rolled up diapers tied together with ribbon and place one tier on top of the other.

Then adorn with accessories like rattles, bottles and pacifiers and you’ve got yourself one great baby shower decoration.

Bears with Balloons

Buy some helium balloons with long ribbon and buy some pink and blue teddy bears (or pink or blue if you know the gender of the baby). Place the teddy bears on each table and tie some balloons around each teddy’s wrist so it looks like teddy is holding the balloons. These make adorable baby shower decorations.

Basket Full of Animals

Stuffed animals make great baby shower decorations. Fill a basket with stuffed animals and use it as a centerpiece. Then the mom can take the stuffed animals home at the end of the party and can save them for baby

Autograph Bear

Go to your local craft store and get a pattern and materials to make a teddy bear. Make the teddy bear out of cloth and have each of the guests at the party sign the teddy bear. It’ll make cute décor and it will be a wonderful keepsake for the mom to be.

The Name Game

If you know what names the parents have picked out for baby, you can decorate by hanging stenciled pictures with the names and the meanings of the names throughout the room. The names will make pretty and meaningful baby shower decorations that everyone is sure to adore.

Baby shower decorations are half of the baby shower fun. Whatever you do to plan your baby shower, just make sure you have fun with the baby shower decorations.

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