Looking for the perfect baby shower gift idea?

Patti helps you find the perfect baby shower gift idea.

Been searching high and low for the perfect baby shower gift idea? Look no further! Patti the Perfect Party Planner is here to give you a great baby shower gift idea or two to ease your baby shower shopping woes.

If there’s one thing I know, it’s how to come up with a great baby shower gift idea. I’m going to go over some of my favorite baby shower gift ideas with you to make your job of getting the perfect gift just a little bit easier.

Baby Shower Gift Idea #1 -- Let Them Wear Cake

Did I say that right? Let them wear cake? You sure bet I did. A diaper cake makes an adorable baby shower gift and can help offset the costs of all of the diapers that mom and dad are going to have to buy over the next few years. Give them a diaper cake or two and let their baby wear cake!

Baby Shower Gift Idea #2 -- Born With a Silver Spoon

Did you think the silver spoon was strictly proverbial? Think again! Tiffany and Co. sells adorable silver spoons for baby, although they do come attached to a hefty price tag. If you have the extra cash, spend it. These silver spoons are too cute to pass up.

Baby Shower Gift Idea #3 -- Get Out of Here

Sometimes mom just needs to get away, so why not give her a mini vacation. A one-night stay at a luxury hotel may give her just the R & R she needs. If mom can’t get away for the night, give her a gift certificate to a day spa to help her relax.

Baby Shower Gift Idea #4 -- Rock-A-Bye Baby

If you’ve had a baby and you haven’t had a rocking chair and ottoman for those nighttime feedings, you don’t know what you’re missing. If you don’t want the mom-to-be to miss out on the comfort of a late-night nursery rocking chair, get her a set for her baby shower.

Baby Shower Gift Idea #5 -- Gift Certificates

Let’s face it, babies are expensive and mom and dad can probably use all of the help they can get. Get them a few give certificates to baby-related stores and help alleviate some of that financial pain.

No matter which baby shower gift idea you choose, you gift is sure to be a hit with the advice I’ve given you.

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