How to Host a Green Baby Shower

Great ideas for hosting your green baby shower

A green baby shower just makes sense. After all, we want to preserve the environment for future generations, and here's a representative of future generations just waiting to pop out and say hello. Knowing that, how could we NOT host an eco baby shower?

However, people might not be used to the idea, or they may not realize what a green baby shower is. So if you're planning on hosting a green baby shower for yourself or someone else, here are some great baby shower ideas to get you started.


Your invitation should explicitly explain that this is a green baby shower, and also explain what that means (without, of course, getting heavy handed about it). Whenever possible, use evites to save paper, or use recycled or handmade paper invitations.


Obviously, you want the earthy theme to continue with your decorating. If possible, hold the shower outside and let Mother Nature do the decorating for you. If that doesn't work, stick with reusable and recyclable d├ęcor (no rubber balloons or paper streamers!). Decorate with baby shower favors guests can take home or natural greenery.


Food is the central part of any celebration. Just because you're having an eco baby shower doesn't mean your food should be dull or tasteless. If possible, get organic vegetables and homebaking from local farmers and bakeries and encourage your guests to sample local, homegrown specialties.


Do not give your guests things they won't use or will throw away as baby shower favors -- that is the opposite of green. Many expectant mothers choose to donate a sum of money to a charitable organization in lieu of baby shower favors. If you're holding a green baby shower, you can choose an organization like Greenpeace or the World Wildlife Fund.


Baby showers are, obviously, about gifts. Many baby shower ideas neglect to mention this fact. The easiest way to make sure the mom-to-be gets natural, eco friendly gifts is to register. Make sure you express this on the invitation. You can also invite guests to forego wrapping paper in favor of reusable gift bags, newspaper, or even organic cotton baby blankets.

If Mom chooses not to register, provide suggestions for eco gifts on the invitations. They may include organic cotton clothing, reusable diapers or pins, and other items.

However, remember that you can not tell your guests what to bring. Phrase all suggestions as exactly that -- never say something like NO WRAPPING PAPER ALLOWED or ORGANIC GIFTS ONLY. A gift is a gift. If you don't like it, return it or give it away. No one should feel bad about the present they choose to bring.

An eco baby shower is a lot of fun, so take these baby shower ideas and get planning. Before you know it, everyone will be seeking your expertise on how to plan a green baby shower.


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