Great Baby Shower Game Ideas

Baby shower game ideas to get the party rolling.

Looking for great baby shower game ideas? I’m Patti the Perfect Party Planner and I have exactly what you’ve been looking for. From baby bottle bowling to balloon bellies, I have tons of great baby shower game ideas to share with you.

If you’re planning a baby shower and you’re in need of some great baby shower game ideas, try some of these.

Baby Shower Game Ideas #1 -- Baby Bottle Bowling

With this one, set up 10 baby bottles the same way you would set up bowling pins. Have the guests try to knock down the bottles with a tennis ball. The guest who knocks down the most bottles wins the game. If there’s a tie between guests, have them do a rematch until someone wins.

Baby Shower Game Ideas #2 -- Pregnancy Bellies

This is a really fun baby shower game to play. Blow up a bunch of balloons and set a timer for 30 seconds. Have the guests try to shove as many balloons as they can up their shirt in thirty seconds. The guest who has the most balloons in their shirt at the end of the thirty-second period wins the game.

Baby Shower Game Ideas #3 -- Burp Rag Crafts

This isn’t so much a game as it is a craft. Have guests decorate burp rags with non-toxic paint. Each guest will decorate his or her own burp rag to give to mom at the end of the party. Then mom will have a stash of burp rags and the guests will have had fun making them.

Baby Shower Game Ideas #4 -- Musical Chairs

No party is complete without a game of musical chairs, except in this game you play musical chairs to baby music.

Set up chairs in the middle of the room, but make sure there are fewer chairs than there are players. Start playing the baby music and then stop the music. When the music stops, everyone has to sit in a chair. Those left standing are out of the game. Now remove more chairs. Keep continuing the process until there is only one player left. The last player wins the game.

Baby Shower Game Ideas #5 -- Diaper Bag Pack

Lay out an assortment of baby items next to diaper bags and see which guest can pack their diaper bag the fastest. The guest who is able to pack their diaper bag in record time wins the game.

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