Fun Baby Shower Games to Keep the Party Rolling

Easy and fun baby shower games that won't let you down

What's a baby shower without baby shower games? Sure, some people groan in dismay, but they're secretly laughing underneath. Once you get people into the spirit, it's a lot of fun to play games of any kind -- especially if you pick up some inexpensive prizes to motivate people.

Planning a baby shower can be a lot of work, so you don't want difficult or expensive games. Fortunately, there are lots of free baby shower games that will keep the party rolling -- and here are some of the best!

Fun baby shower games

1. Don't say it!

You can play this game throughout the evening. Give everyone a large diaper pin with some smaller safety pins attached (five to ten is a good number). The rule is, anytime someone says the world 'baby,' they have to give a safety pin to the person who caught them. At the end of the night, award a prize to the person with the most pins.

2. Baby Collage

This artistic game is one of the best baby shower game ideas. Put your guests into teams and distribute scissors, baby magazines, and paper. Give the guests twenty minutes to cut out various features and assemble what they think Mom's baby will look like.

Alternative idea: instead of baby magazines, hand out adult magazines and have them assemble what they think the adult baby will look like! You can get inexpensive second hand magazines at a thrift shop.

3. Guess the Contents

The best baby shower games (at least where Mom's concerned) are the ones where she gets an extra present out of the deal -- and this game fits the bill.

Get a number of baby items (small things like soothers, bottles, diaper pins -- just make sure they're a variety of sizes) and put each in its own brown bag. Seal the bags carefully and pass them around. Each guest tries to guess what's inside and writes their guess on a paper. Award the most correct guesses a prize and let Mom take home all the bagged items.

These are just a few fun baby shower games to keep your guests busy. Use your imagination, get a few cool prizes, and don't worry: everyone -- even the most reluctant player -- enjoys baby shower games in the end.


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