Fun Baby Shower Games Are Always in Style

Try these baby shower games at your next big event!

The heart of your shower is baby shower games. It might not seem like it -- often, people think the food or the theme carries the night. But in reality, baby shower games define what you're going to do at your party. They introduce people, break the ice, and keep things from getting slow and dull. Is it any wonder so many people are looking for great baby shower game ideas?

If you're stumped, look no further: here are fun baby shower games that will get even the most reluctant participant giggling (at least when she thinks nobody's looking!).

Your baby shower game ideas

Try out any or all of these baby shower games.

1. Who's that girl (or boy)?

In the invitations, ask each guest to send you a copy of their own baby photo (or them as a child -- most people can dig up some kind of childhood photo, but if they can't, invite them to draw a self portrait or find a photo that 'might' have been them as a child). Tack them up with numbers and invite guests to submit their guesses as to which photo matches which guest. The one with the most correct answers wins.

2. Thank You Raffle

Make Mom's job easier: as guests enter, have them fill out an envelope with their name and address so it's ready to mail. Drop all envelopes into a diaper bag and use them to draw for door prizes.

3. Baby scrambler

Not enough fun baby shower games? Here's a quick, easy one: come up with a list of as many baby related items as you can (diapers, bottles, cribs, etc.) and scramble the letters. Give each team a certain amount of time and see who can unscramble the greatest number of words.

4. Mix and Match Baby Socks

Buy lots of inexpensive baby socks for the Mom-to-be and draw baby shower game ideas from them. For example, stuff them with different candies (ones that won't melt, preferably!) and have people guess what they are. Or shove them all into a pillowcase and see who can make the most matches in a given time limit.

5. Draw the Baby

Give each person a paper plate and a pencil. When you say go, they have to draw the baby as they think it might look. The catch is, the plate has to remain on top of their heads the entire time! At the end of the time limit, have a good laugh checking out the pictures and have people vote on their favorites for a prize.

Remember, good baby shower game ideas mean a good baby shower! Don't be afraid to experiment and get creative, and your baby shower games will be the talk of the town for years to come.


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