Five Great Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

Baby shower invitation ideas for great baby shower invitations.

Looking for some great baby shower invitation ideas? Look no further! I’m Patti the Perfect Party Planner and I’m here with some great baby shower invitation ideas for you.

Bring On the Baby Objects

Here is one of my absolute favorite baby shower invitation ideas. By using a bit of imagination and almost any baby item you can create an invitation that stands out from the rest. For example you can take a baby bottle and some standard printer labels and produce an invitation that is unique and creative.

Candy Bar Invitations

I also love candy bar invitations. They make awesome baby shower invitation ideas.

To create your candy bar invitations you’ll want to download a candy bar wrapper invitation template off of the Internet. Then buy boxes of Hershey candy bars and remove the brown outer wrapper from the candy bar. Affix the invitation wrappers to the candy bar using a glue gun and you’re ready to go!

Balloon Invitations

These baby shower invitation ideas are cute and creative. Write down the invitation on a blown up balloon (do not tie the balloon off as you’re going to need to deflate it). Let the balloon deflate and mail the invitations to your guests with the instruction that they need to blow up the balloon to read the invitation.

Teddy Bear Invitations

These baby shower invitation ideas are adorable. Buy some little stuffed teddy bears and handwrite the invitations on parchment paper. Have the teddy bears hold the parchment paper and hand the invitations, teddy bears and all, out to your guests.

Traditional Baby Shower Invitations

Of course traditional baby shower invitations make one of the best baby shower invitation ideas. You can have traditional invitations custom made, you can make them yourself or you can go to the store and buy pre-made baby shower invitations.

Try one of these baby shower invitation ideas for your next baby shower and see the impression that you make on your guests!

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