Find Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Check out these creative ideas for clever and unique baby shower gifts

If you've seen one set of baby shower gifts, you've seen them all. Blankets, diapers, bottles... the list goes on. And don't get me wrong: it's all useful stuff that Mom will definitely need, use, and appreciate.

But some of us like to be master gift givers, and we aren't satisfied with the tried and true. We want more creative baby shower gifts -- things Mom will still use, but which will make everyone else sit up and take notice. Fortunately, there are many fun, unique baby shower gifts that I can almost guarantee no one will have seen before.

Creative Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Here are some of my favorite creative baby shower gifts. Some are big, some are small and would work best in a baby shower gift basket, but all are fun and clever.

1. Camouflage Layette

This is too cute, and dads will love it. Dress your baby like a mini soldier, complete with a camo hat and custom combat 'boots.' Everyone will get a chuckle out of this one. It even comes wrapped in a backpack type box to complete the theme. This is the perfect gift if Dad's in attendance at your baby shower.

2. Irish Heirloom Set

This is an absolutely beautiful set: a shining, childproof baby fork and spoon set. It comes with a poem explaining the Irish tradition of the keepsake fork and a white satin silver keeper so that this heirloom can remain in perfect condition. This is a great gift for families who already have a lot of the baby stuff they'll need: it's not all that practical, but it's certainly a great gift.

3. Personalized Baby Long Johns

OK, long johns aren't exactly creative baby shower gifts, but wait till you see these adorable little outfits. They come in bright primary colors and feature the classic 'button bum' with baby's name embroidered across it. Of course, this only works if Mom and Dad have decided on a name, but you could always embroider a word of your choice instead... just use your imagination.

4. Stack 'n Seal Baby Food Storage

These wonderful little products allow families to carry everything from snacks to formula in one easy to use container -- or rather, a series of containers that stack to make one. No more digging through a diaper bag in frantic search of those Cheerios.

5. Baby's First Curl and Tooth Set

This is another not too practical but very unique gift: personalized silver boxes to store baby's first curl and, later, lost tooth. These cute keepsake boxes provide a perfect location for parents to keep those precious reminders -- the ones that tend to get lost along the way.

So don't settle for the ordinary! Choose from this list of unique baby shower gifts and add the crowning touch to your perfect shower.


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