Don’t Forget the Baby Shower Party Favors!

Make a hit with these baby shower party favors.

If you’re looking for great baby shower party favors, I’m here to help. I’m Patti the Perfect Party Planner and I love baby showers and I absolutely love baby shower party favors.

Whether you give everyone the same baby shower party favor or you give out baby shower party favors as prizes, you’ll definitely want to have a few ideas on hand when it’s time to decide what to give as baby shower party favors. Here are some great baby shower party favors that you can give to your guests to make the party brighter.

Candy Baby Socks

Candy baby socks make adorable baby shower party favors. For this party favor, you’ll need to get enough baby socks for each of your guests. Fill each sock with candy and tie the pairs together with pink and blue ribbon for cute baby shower party favors.

Baby Bottle Sugar Cookies

For these baby shower party favors you’ll need to get a cookie cutter shaped like a baby bottle (baby booties work too) and sugar cookie dough. Cut out and bake the sugar cookies. When the sugar cookies are cooled, wrap them up in cute tissue paper with baby bottle designs.

Personalized Magnets

Personalized magnets with mom’s name and due date also make great baby shower party favors. If the baby shower has a color scheme, you can have the magnets made to match the color scheme of the baby shower.

Candy Filled Baby Bottles

Candy filled baby bottles make tasty treats that are great baby shower party favors. Buy some pink and blue baby bottles and fill each bottle with tasty little candy treats. Guests with a sweet tooth are especially sure to appreciate this baby shower gift.

Bath Beads

Bath beads also make great baby shower party favors. Nothing de-stresses you at the end of the day like a warm, scented bath. You can give the bath beads in little baby bottles or wrap them up in baby socks and tie them off with a ribbon.

No mater what baby shower party favors you give to your guests, give them with a flourish and your baby shower party favors will be appreciated and remembered.

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