Create Baby Shower Invitations Like The Pros

How to create baby shower invitations like the pros do.

So you want to create baby shower invitations, but you want to do it like the pros do? Worry not. Patti the Perfect Party Planner is here to tell you how to create baby shower invitations with the secrets of the pros.

Create Baby Shower Invitations Step 1 -- The List

Before you start on your invitations, you need to create your guest list. This will let you know how many invitations you will need to create and how many supplies you will need to buy. Once your guest list is created, you can move on to the fun part of creating the baby shower invitations.

Create Baby Shower Invitations Step 2 -- Select Your Paper

To create baby shower invitations like the pros, you first have to select your canvass, or in this case, your paper. You don’t want to use cheap paper when you create baby shower invitations.

Use a heavy weight, quality paper in pastels and you’ll be well on your way to a fabulous baby shower invitation.

Create Baby Shower Invitations Step 3 -- Add Some Pizzazz

Now that you have your baby shower invitation paper, you’ll want to add some pizzazz to the paper. Glitter, dried flowers, stickers, all of these things will help you create baby shower invitations that are sure to impress.

Create Baby Shower Invitations Step 4 -- The Wording

Now that you have the paper and the pizzazz going, you’re going to need to formulate your wording. Make sure that the invitation is worded properly. The last thing you want is a beautiful invitation that gives the wrong date or the wrong time or even the wrong impression. As the saying goes, choose your words carefully and you’ll be fine.

Create baby Shower Invitations Step 5 – The Envelopes

Now that the invitations are created, you can have fun with the envelopes. Try to decorate the envelopes to match the invitations. That doesn’t mean that you should sprinkle glitter all over the envelopes, but try to buy envelopes that match the paper that you have chosen and you can also buy stickers and a beautiful seal to make the invitations even more special.

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