Breathtaking Baby Shower Decorating Ideas

Four absolutely stunning baby shower decorating ideas.

I’m Patti the Perfect Party Planner and I love planning a great baby shower -- especially coming up with great baby shower decorating ideas.

If you’re planning a baby shower and looking for baby shower decorating ideas, look no further. Let me share my expertise with you by giving you four of the greatest baby shower decorating ideas ever.

Great Baby Shower Decorating Ideas #1 -- The Baby Clothesline

This baby shower decorating idea is becoming more and more popular. Take a clothesline and run it the length of the room (out of the way of traffic). Hang baby bibs, onesies and other baby clothes from the clothesline.

In fact, this baby decorating idea serves twofold. At the end of the party mom can take the clothesline and baby clothes home as a gift.

Great Baby Shower Decorating Ideas #2 -- Firsts

With a “firsts” decorating theme, you’ll need to get poster-sized pictures of babies doing firsts.

Wondering what a first is? A first is a thing that a baby does for the first time. First bottle, first food, first smile, first steps, first word, etc. Get pictures of babies doing these things and hang them up around the room. It makes for a great baby decorating idea.

Great Baby Shower Decorating Ideas #3 -- Time of Day Baby Shower

The time of day baby shower can be decorated with time of day decorations. For example, you can have a big picture of a sun on one end of the room and decorate that end of the room with things the baby will be doing during the day. Then on the other end of the room you can have a giant moon and decorate with items like bottles, baby blankets, etc. for things that the baby will be needing at night. Then mom can also take the decorations home and be prepared for all of the hours of the days and nights to come.

Great Baby Shower Decorating Ideas #4 -- Flowers Everywhere

Decorating with flowers has always been a baby shower favorite. Pastel pink and blue carnations with baby’s breath make for awesome baby shower decorating ideas. Place the flowers all over the room. You can even make wreaths from them and hang them on the doors and the walls.

By following these great baby shower decorating ideas, you’re sure to have the one of the most well-decorated baby showers ever.

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