Baby Showers for Men: Why Not?

Coed baby showers are becoming common, but boys-only baby showers for men are also gaining currency.

The concept of baby showers for men is one that, traditionally, hasn't flown well. But in this age of equality, why not? Why do we dump all the responsibility for preparing for Baby on the gals?

And make no mistake -- beyond the party atmosphere, that's why such showers exist: to shower the mom-to-be with needed goodies and advice. Admittedly, men tend to be only vaguely aware of why not make it more obvious, and throw a men's baby shower?

Old Tricks, New Audience

The idea is to do all of the above in a festive atmosphere, to hide the reality of the lessons and the help (or at least soften it). But it does give the participants a reason to party, and what red-blooded American male could resist that possibility?

And just think -- that tired old chocolate-poop-in-the-diaper trick will play well with a new, male audience. Maybe add in a little apple juice for verisimilitude, dump the mix on a doll, and see how long it takes the new dad to clean it up and change the diaper!

Of course, as any parent knows, this is a piece of cake compared to the real thing.

Baby Betting

Then there's the betting pool. The actual wagers are up to the guys, but it could be a lot of fun to put together a pool on how much the kiddo will weigh, and of course the gender (though fifty-fifty odds aren't much of a challenge), along with the date and time of his or her birth.

Speaking of betting, here's an interesting opportunity you won't get often: diaper poker. The buy-in would include a package of disposable diapers and whatever currency you decide to use (chips, pennies, whatever). It'll be fun, and Dad gets to keep all the diapers. Heaven knows he'll need them.

Other Activities

In addition to all of the above, your boy game options are pretty much open; the only limit, as they say, is your imagination. But how about adding a dash of practicality to the proceedings?

The Dad is likely to get a bunch of baby toys and useful equipment as gifts -- so why not have everyone pitch in and put 'em together? Now, the baby might not need that dollhouse or swing set quite yet, but that supposedly easy-to-assemble crib will probably take some effort, and the guys can help.

Give It Some Thought

The girls have been shouldering the responsibility for the baby shower for centuries now, but this is the 21st century here. Roles have shifted, so consider shifting the baby shower to the guys. They'll probably get a kick out of the idea of baby showers for men anyhow!


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