Baby Shower Themes Are a Blast

Four great baby shower themes to choose from.

Looking for great baby shower themes? Look no further. I’m Patti the Perfect Party Planner and I’m here with four great baby shower themes that are sure to make your party a hit.

A baby shower isn’t a great baby shower without a good baby shower theme. Choose from one of these baby shower themes and you’ll have a party that will be remembered for years to come.

Baby Shower Themes #1 -- Time of Day

Give the new mom to be the time of day, literally. With this theme, each party guest is assigned a time of day. The guests then buy presents for the time of day they were assigned. For example, if a guest was given 10:00 at night as a time of day, she might give crib bedding as her baby shower gift.

The time of day theme isn’t just fun, it also ensures that the mom-to-be gets what she needs to get her through her days with baby.

Baby Shower Themes #2 -- The Firsts Shower

A firsts shower is one of my favorites. With this theme, everyone buys something for one of baby’s firsts. For example, you can buy baby shoes for baby’s first footsteps or you can buy diapers for baby’s first bowel movement. Decorate the shower with pictures of babies doing firsts and you’ll have a shower that’s sure to be a hit.

Baby Shower Themes #3 -- The Nursery Shower

Know how the parents plan on decorating the nursery? Then do a nursery-themed baby shower. Guests can bring gifts according to the theme and the parents won’t have to pay for the décor of the nursery all by themselves. You can even decorate the shower with the theme and then give the parents-to-be the decorations to take home with them.

Baby Shower Themes #4 -- A Basket Shower

A basket shower can be great when it comes baby shower themes. Each guest is assigned an individual theme for his or her basket and then he has to fill the basket with gifts according to that theme. This way the mom-to-be gets baskets filled with useful gifts and your party has a theme that everyone can enjoy.

Now that you have some ideas, see what baby shower themes you can come up with on your own. Baby shower themes are a fun way to get in the spirit of planning your baby shower.

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