Baby Shower Planning Doesn’t Have to Be A Nightmare

Five steps towards making your baby shower planning a breeze.

Baby shower planning can be quite overwhelming. The trick is taking it one step at a time. I’m Patti the Perfect Party Planner and I’m going to walk you through the baby shower planning process step by step so you won’t have to worry about planning the perfect baby shower -- it’ll come naturally!

Baby Shower Planning Step 1 -- Plan the Guest List

The first step in baby shower planning is to plan the guest list. How many people are attending will determine how many invitations you prepare, how much food you buy, etc.

Sit down and make a list of everyone you want invited. Then go over the list with the mom or dad-to-be to make sure that you didn’t leave anyone out.

Baby Shower Planning Step 2 -- Prepare the Invitations

Now that you have the guest list prepared, it’s time to start on the invitations. You can either make the invitations yourself, have them professionally done or buy them at a party supply store -- the decision is yours.

Once you have prepared and addressed all of the invitations, drop them in the mail and make sure you keep a list of everyone who RSVPs.

Baby Shower Planning Step 3 -- Prepare the Menu

Once you have an idea of how many people will be attending, it’s time to prepare the menu. Make sure you have an array of tastes and textures to offer your guests. From sweet to salty, make sure you have all bases covered.

Baby Shower Planning Step 4 -- Buy the Decorations

With the other steps out of the way, it’s time to plan and shop for the baby shower decorations. Have fun with this part of the baby shower planning process. Use your imagination and decorate till your heart’s content.

Baby Shower Planning Step 5 -- Prepare for the Shower

The day before the shower, make sure that you have everything in order. Is the menu ready? Do you know how many people are attending? Get everything in order and make sure everything is in its place.

With these simple baby shower planning steps, the baby shower planning process doesn’t need to be a nightmare -- it can actually be a breeze!

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