Baby Shower Music to Rock Your Party

The perfect baby shower needs great baby shower music

Many people forget baby shower music. They think of baby shower themes, decorations, games, food, gifts -- absolutely everything except the one thing that keeps a party moving through those awkward silences. I've even been to baby showers that don't play music at all, and you can feel the difference.

Music puts us in a social mood. It relaxes us, and it helps get a party into swing. You don't have to play music all night, of course: you can turn it off for games, gift giving, or whatever you like. But you should at least have it playing while people come in and eat, and you should always select your music as carefully as any other part of your baby shower.

Tips for using baby shower music

1. Decide on your theme first and go from there. If Mom loves Elvis, it's perfectly okay to plan your baby shower ideas around Elvis Presley -- and obviously that will dictate your music. Who said baby showers had to be cute, anyway?

2. If you choose to play music throughout the entire party, adjust the volume accordingly. It can be a little louder during mingling times (although it should NEVER be so loud that people can't converse -- music is a guest at your party, not the center of attention), but you should turn it quite low during the gift opening or any party games.

3. Save time and money. Ask friends for their favorite CDs, download individual songs from online stores, or borrow music from your local library. There's absolutely no need to rush out and buy a bunch of music for this one occasion.

Choosing baby shower music

So you've thought about baby shower themes and you've decided that music is a good idea, but your theme isn't as easy as the Elvis example above, and you have NO idea what to play. Here are some ideas to help you out.

1. Use children's CDs. You can go with soft lullabies to set a gentle mood, or something silly like children's favorites from when you and your friends were kids. You'll even have people singing along!

2. Do a music search on iTunes for songs with the word baby in the title. Alternatively, search for songs that contain the word cry!

3. Choose songs that have significance for the mom to be. If you're old friends, you could pick favorites from your shared past, too -- as long as everyone else feels included.

4. Don't worry about the theme at all! Yes, I know that contradicts what I said earlier, but really, the whole point about baby shower ideas is that you can do your own thing. If you really can't find specifically baby shower music, just put on a mix of favorites and keep the volume low.

Music is an important part of any gathering. Don't make the all too common mistake of forgetting about baby shower music!


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