Baby Shower Ideas: Around the World

Looking for baby shower ideas? Check out new ideas from around the world!

Not all baby shower ideas are homegrown. In fact, you can find many unique and interesting customs by looking at a baby shower "around the world". Whether you want a unique international baby shower theme, are trying to tailor a shower for someone of a specific nationality, or are just interested in new ideas, you're sure to find something to pique your interest.

Baby shower ideas from around the world

Whether you plan a whole international baby shower or just take a few unique ideas, here are some birth traditions and ideas to get you started.

-In India, it's customary for the mother-to-be's sister-in-law to tie a yellow string around her wrist. This helps ward off evil and protect the unborn child. Another one is that the mother-to-be receives two covered bowls, one containing a candy representing boys and one containing a candy representing girls. Whichever she picks is supposed to tell the gender of her child. Then the guests go on to enjoy the candy.

-In Bulgaria, the host passes around a large scarf and everyone puts a small financial donation onto it. The father then ties the scarf and throws it onto the tallest object in the house. The idea is for the child to save that money 'for a rainy day.'

-In Spain, some expectant mothers give out small copies of ultrasound photos as party favors - talk about giving the guests a way to remember the occasion!

-In Ireland, the family often presents a new bride with a special handkerchief which, with just a few stitches, transforms into a baby bonnet. It may be a little late to make this a wedding gift, but it still makes an interesting and unique gift for a baby shower.

Is that it?

Interestingly, the baby shower is a very North American tradition. In many cultures, people consider it bad luck to celebrate before the baby is born. In some countries, parents prefer to keep the baby hidden until its first birthday.

If you're planning a baby shower for someone from another culture, it's worth your time to find out what traditions and superstitions surround childbirth in their family. The last thing you want to do is plan a huge surprise shower only to learn that you've horrified the guest of honor!

If you choose not to have a baby shower before the child is born, though, most cultures do celebrate by having a party after the baby's arrival. A post-birth baby shower follows many of the same traditions as an American baby shower.

In almost every culture, baby shower themes and party favors are not nearly as important as the three main tenants of any shower: celebrating new life, enjoying time together, and eating lots of food! As long as you have those elements, just about any baby shower ideas are sure to meet with success.


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