Baby Shower Gifts On Theme

Make your baby shower gifts fit your theme

When you shop for baby shower gifts, you don't often consider what others will purchase. If you throw a wedding shower, it's quite common to suggest themed gifts. For example, some people throw kitchen themed wedding showers and ask all guests to bring gifts for the bride-to-be's kitchen along with recipes they've used and loved.

This is less common with baby shower themes, probably because people tend to have a stock of traditional baby shower gift ideas they know the expectant mother will want and need. Still, it can be fun to coordinate gifts around a theme, so if you want to give it a try, here are some great themes and gifts that go with them.

Baby shower themes and matching gifts

Here are some baby shower ideas that will help you plan themes with gifts to match.

1. The Stork

The Theme: Storks everywhere, of course! If you can't find storks, paint a few flamingos white.

The gifts: What do storks drop babies wrapped in? Diapers and blankets, of course -- two things no expectant mother should be without. Invite guests to bring both, and assign sizes so that mom will have diapers on hand throughout her baby's growth spurts. It might not sound like a very exciting gift, but it's a very practical one!

2. Everyone's Favorite Book

The theme: Either structure your theme around favorite children's stories, such as Winnie the Pooh, Alice in Wonderland, and Cinderella, or choose your favorite children's book and work around that.

The gifts: Books for the child's bookshelf, stuffed animals that match the theme, and similarly themed items like clothing and blankets. This is a great way to make sure baby shower gifts match, too. Again, it might not sound like a lot of fun -- but that's because you haven't seen the little one wrapped in his Piglet blanket wearing his Pooh bear onesie and clutching his stuffed Eeyore yet!

3. Food, Food, and More Food

The Theme: Luxuries and delicacies from around the world! Choose your favorite decadent desserts, delicious sandwiches, and the like, and make sure everyone's extremely well fed.

The gifts: Anything food related: baby cups and dishes, bottles, and the like. A really nice thing to go in on with a few other people is a high quality blender and small containers for making your own baby food.

These are just three baby shower themes and how you can work your gifts into the central idea. It's a nice touch because it prevents mom from getting seventeen knit blankets too. And of course, if people love to give handmade items such as hats, booties, and blankies, they still can: either they make them on theme, or they give them in addition to a small themed gift, such as a rattle or bottle.

Baby shower gift ideas can be difficult, so this makes everyone's life a little easier. Next time you need baby shower gifts, keep this idea in mind!


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