Baby Shower Gift Baskets: Fill em’ With Fun!

How to put together great baby shower gift baskets.

There’s nothing quite as fun as putting together baby shower gift baskets. I’m Patti the Perfect Party Planner and I’m going to go over baby shower gift basket basics with you.

The Basket

Before you do anything, you need to pick the baskets for your baby shower gift baskets. When you start shopping for baskets, you’ll see that you have hundreds to choose from. Colorful baskets, wood baskets, large baskets, small baskets, bright baskets, dark baskets, you name it, you can get it.

The Goodies

Once you have your gift basket, it’s time to start filling it with goodies. There are a number of things you can fill baby shower gift baskets with. From baby toys to accessories for mom, the options are endless. I’m going to go over a few of my favorites below.

Stretch Mark Cream

All great baby shower gift baskets have a jar of quality stretch mark cream in them. After all, mom is going to want to get rid of those stretch marks and stretch mark cream is what’s going to help her do it.


You can never have too many bottles and baby shower gift baskets should be chock full of em. The trick is in finding out which type of bottle mom wants to use for baby. There are a number of baby bottles on the market and buying the right ones means knowing which one mom plans on using.


Yes, onesies make great fillers for baby shower gift baskets. You can buy them in plain white or you can buy them in colors and designs. Mom can never have enough onesies so go ahead and fill your baby shower gift baskets with onsies until your heart is content.


Almost every baby indulges in a pacifier every so often, so putting pacifiers in your baby shower gift baskets is also a good idea. Make sure that you buy quality pacifiers. Good pacifiers should have age ranges on the package. You can buy a set for each age range so mom will have enough to get her through the first year.

Baby shower gift baskets don’t have to be a task. Have fun when you’re shopping and be creative when putting them together and you’re sure to create baby shower gift baskets that are destined to please.

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