Baby Shower Gag Gifts Make 'Em Giggle

Cute baby shower gag gifts add fun to any celebration

Some people throw whole baby showers without any baby shower gag gifts. And sure, Mom needs those booties and blankies and diapers. But she also needs a laugh -- after all, she's carting another person around inside of her, and that's not always as much fun as it sounds. That's why funny baby shower gifts are just as important as the real stuff.

Tips to remember

Obviously, gag gifts shouldn't make up the only baby shower gifts, or even most of them. They're a great option for the host to offer up or for one or two people to give in addition to their regular gifts. Some gag gifts double as real gifts, too -- often, they include practical items packaged in funny ways.

Also keep the mom's personality in mind. Some people are more easily offended than others. Think of her sense of humor, not yours, and err on the side of caution. After all, today should be all about her.

Great baby shower gag gifts

Now that we've set the ground rules, here are some baby shower gift ideas to make everyone laugh.

For the truly twisted: We all know these people -- the ones who crack jokes that verge on scary, but you know they don't really mean any of it, and you love them anyway. Those are the people who will love the baby catapult, which lets them fling tiny pink and blue babies around the room. In addition, it's a good way to relieve stress when baby gets to be a bit much!

For the practical: The book Baby-Gami works for both usable and funny baby shower gifts. It carefully instructs the new mom on several different methods of wrapping their new baby to keep him feeling secure and cozy. Not only that, it's a cute and entertaining read.

For the serious: If you're worried that Mom may not appreciate your baby shower gag gifts, go with something safe like these baby shower fortune cookies. These are fun and entertaining for everyone at the party and feature clever quotes and witticisms about children and parents.

For dads: At a coed shower? No problem -- these Dirty Diaper Duty Survival Kits are sure to give Dad a laugh. They feature everything the modern dad needs to change diapers, including safety goggles and tongs.

As you can see, it doesn't matter who you're shopping for -- there are funny baby shower gifts for all types and personalities. Whether your friends are truly twisted or a bit on the serious side, they're sure to enjoy these baby shower gag gifts.


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