Baby Shower Favors on a Budget

You can find fun, useful baby shower favors for cheap!

When it comes to the baby shower, you don't want to spend all your money on baby shower favors. At the same time, though, the guests are giving up their time and spending plenty of their own cash on a gift, and it's only polite to give them something in return. A baby shower favor is like a small thank you gift. It says thanks for coming, thanks for your friendship, thanks for supporting mom-to-be.

In other words, baby shower favors do matter. And many stores know that, so they try to make you go broke on this aspect of the shower. Fortunately, not all baby shower ideas are expensive, and favors are no exception. Here's how to do your shopping on a budget.

Buying baby shower favors inexpensively

1. Decide on a budget. Before you do this, you should figure out how many guests will attend. That makes a big difference regarding how much you can spend on favors. If the shower is just Mom and her four closest friends, you can afford to spend a bit more. If the entire neighborhood plus your graduating class will be in attendance, you're going to have to be more conservative.

2. Consider your theme. Some baby shower ideas lend themselves very nicely to inexpensive favors. For example, a tea party theme means a tealight and a few tea bags in an organza bag. A Disney theme might mean a nice pen, some chocolates, and lots of bright ribbon and stickers. Let the theme dictate the favors.

3. Mine your resources. Do you know anyone who got married recently? Chances are they have favors left over they'd be more than happy to unload inexpensively. Or do you have a friend who does amazing craft projects who might be willing to lend her skills?

4. Shop online. Check discount stores like eBay or just do a google search for cheap baby shower favors. You'll get tons of suggestions -- some genuinely inexpensive, some not so much -- and you'll almost certainly find something in your price range that meets your baby shower planning goals.

5. The exact opposite -- shop locally. Local boutiques might be willing to cut you a deal or make you up little gift bags in exchange for a plug, and discount stores often carry bulk amounts of very nice items for surprisingly little money.

6. Avoid high priced stores, both on and offline, that cater specifically to weddings and baby showers. These stores price everything higher than normal because they know people budget to spend a lot on party favors. You won't find any deals here.

If you follow these tips, you should be able to inexpensively and easily find fantastic baby shower favors that won't break your budget!


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