Baby Shower Decorations: Inexpensive and Easy!

Looking for inexpensive baby shower decorations? You can make your very own

You can buy baby shower decorations, but they don't compare to homemade. I should know - sometimes it feels like all I do is design baby shower decoration ideas and bring them to life. But I can't really complain, because the process is just as much fun as it is work.

If you like crafts, you can make fantastic and cheap baby shower decorations. If you don't like crafts, no worries: as long as you can manage scissors at a fourth grade level, you can still turn out some pretty respectable looking décor.

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

1. Meet your new best friend: the clothesline. Yes, you read that right. The clothesline makes a fantastic basis for any baby shower theme. You can hang diapers from it, cute baby clothes (for mom to take home), tiny stuffed animals, or anything else you can imagine. If you go with diapers, you can write CONGRATULATIONS or some other message by writing a letter on each diaper in bright marker (the diapers can still be used so don't throw them away.)

2. Match your fabrics (even if they're not fabric!). When colors and patterns blend together, they create the effect of decorations. You're probably investing in nice paper plates and napkins anyway, so why not get them in a color that matches your tablecloth (or an inexpensive one you pick up for the occasion)? Throw in some matching streamers or, if you're really adventurous, flowers, and your baby shower decorations are done.

3. Buy wooden letters at your local craft or discount store and decorate them by gluing on small safety pins and baby scrapbook items, stickers, and the like. You can use inexpensive acrylic paint to make them match your color scheme and, if you really want them to be fancy, varnish them afterwards. These make a nice extra gift for the Mom to take home.

4. Use good ol' paper mache. You can make either piñatas or miniature baby heads (but don't make a baby head piñata - there's something creepy about smacking a baby with a stick). If you make a pinata, make it on theme and stuff it with either party favors for the guests or small gifts for Mom. If you make baby heads, the guests can take them as favors.

Either way, the procedure's the same: blow up a balloon to the desired size. Mix up a bowl of flour, water, and some white glue. Cut strips of newspaper, dip them in the mix, drag them between your fingers to squeeze off the excess glue mixture, and layer them onto the balloon. Once they're dry, pop the balloons and paint the hardened paper mache.

Whatever you decide, it's not hard to create fun, attractive, and cheap baby shower decorations. Recruit some guests to help and you'll have as much fun getting ready for the party as you will at the party itself. The best baby shower decorations will always be the ones you make yourself.


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