Baby Shower Cupcakes Too Adorable To Eat

These baby shower cupcakes will have everyone drooling

Baby shower cupcakes make a great alternative to cake. As with a wedding shower or any other party, you want to have something beautiful and delicious to form a centerpiece. Traditionally, that's meant baby shower cakes. But just as few people serve traditional wedding fruitcakes anymore, many people have moved away from baby shower cakes in favor of their cute and tiny cousins.

Cupcakes are perfect baby shower ideas. They lend themselves naturally to being cute and tiny, just like a baby. And they're much easier to get rid of at the end of the day. People don't like cutting up the cake to take it away with them, but almost anyone will take a cupcake or two.

If that sounds great, you're halfway there! Now all you need are some incredibly cute baby shower cupcakes to make your table shine...

Perfect baby shower cupcakes

Unfortunately, just any old cake with some icing slathered on top is NOT going to cut it for a baby shower! You're going to have to put some effort in. Here are some ideas to help you out.

1. Hire a professional. If you have the budget, it's worth getting someone experienced in baby shower cakes to do your cupcakes. You'll know you have delicious cake with expertly applied icing, and that's worth quite a bit when it comes to your peace of mind.

2. Do some cheating! As long as the cupcakes look good, who cares how you decorated them? Ice them with storebought icing, and then cover (and I mean fully cover) them with mini M&Ms or other candies. Sprinkle candies on the platter, too. People will ohh and ahh over them.

Alternatively, make or buy plain white icing, and then add food coloring to make an approximate flesh tone. Stick a small pacifier (or better still, a candy pacifier) on top of each, and then add candy eyes. Presto: cupcake babies!

3. Decorate yourself (or recruit friends). If you've done a bit of cake decorating before, why not give it a try again, and decorate the cupcakes to match your baby shower ideas? If you feel hopeless when it comes to decorating, don't stress: chances are, one of your friends will be willing to lend a hand. It's hard work planning a baby shower -- don't be afraid to farm out some of the work.

4. Visit your local craft store or bakery. Sometimes you can take quick, inexpensive courses that introduce you to cake decorating. It can be a lot of fun, and you can try out your ideas for your shower cupcakes under a teacher's trained eye. Consider it a practice run for the real thing.

Whatever you decide, the most important thing is that they taste good. People will forgive your decorating in a hurry if the cupcakes taste delicious! So don't stress about it too much. Just remember: baby shower cupcakes make a wonderful alternative to more complicated cakes.


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