Baby Shower Crafts: Let’s Get This Party Started

Four great baby shower crafts to keep guests entertained.

Patti the Perfect Party Planner is here with some amazing baby shower crafts. If you’re looking for baby shower crafts to do at your baby shower, you sure did come to the right place. From decorated burp rags to diaper cakes, I’ve got baby shower crafts that are sure to keep your guests entertained the whole party through.

Baby Shower Crafts #1 -- Decorated Burp Rags

For this baby shower craft, you’ll give each guest a cloth diaper to decorate. Supply guests with nontoxic paint and baby-related sponges and stamps. Have each guest decorate their diaper with the paints and have mom decorate a canvas tote bag.

At the end of the party, the guests can give mom the decorated diapers to use as burp rags and mom can store them all in her newly-decorated tote.

Baby Shower Crafts #2 -- Diaper Cakes

Diaper cakes are awesome creations that are adorable and useful too. To create a diaper cake, you’ll need about fifty diapers, fifty feet of narrow ribbon and 8 feet of wide ribbon.

Cut the fifty feet of narrow ribbon into one-foot lengths. Roll each diaper and tie it in place with a one-foot length. Now take approximately twenty five of the diapers and stand the together in a circle. Then take fifteen and stand them together in a circle. Lastly, take 8 diapers and stand them together in a circle.

Tie each grouping of diapers together with a length of wide ribbon. Now set the tiers of diapers on top of one another and you have a beautiful diaper cake.

Baby Shower Crafts #3 -- Baby Shoe Flower Arrangements

For this craft, you’ll need baby shoes for each guest, baby’s breath and assorted miniature flowers. Each guest can make their own floral arrangement in the baby shoe. This craft can serve as a baby shower favor as well if each guest takes home their creation.

Baby Shower Crafts #4 -- Baby Bottle Sand Art

For this baby shower craft you’ll need clear plastic baby bottles and different colored sand. Have each guest fill their own baby bottle with different color sands for their very own sand art baby bottle.

With these baby shower crafts your guests are sure to have a blast and creativity will flow freely through out your party.

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