Baby Shower Centerpieces That Will Amaze and Awe

Enjoy these fantastic baby shower centerpieces

When planning for baby showers, many people forget about baby shower centerpieces. But whether you're having a formal sit down meal and need something special for the tables or just want a central decoration item, the centerpiece is an important part of your shower. A baby shower centerpiece not only brings your decorations together, it can provide a great gift for the Mom to be!

General Tips and Suggestions

1. If you have a theme, keep the centerpiece in line.

Don't think too hard. If you're having a teddy bear shower, a big teddy bear makes a fantastic centerpiece for baby shower participants. Stick with your theme -- after all, that's why you chose it: to make this whole thing easier.

2. Think budget

If you can afford a beautiful flower arrangement or a professional baby shower centerpiece diaper cake, that's fantastic -- but if you can't, a homemade centerpiece works just as well.

3. Consider making it a gift

The best baby shower centerpieces are those Mom can take home with her. If it's in your budget and fits your decorating scheme, consider letting your centerpiece double as a special gift.

Specific Ideas

With all of that in mind, here are some ideas for a centerpiece for baby shower fun.

1. The ever popular baby shower centerpiece diaper cake

Diaper cakes are a huge hit right now. They are fun, cute, and provide an essential gift for a Mom to be. Many places make them professionally, but they are also really easy to make yourself with a bit of time and effort -- just google how to make a diaper cake and you'll find tons of ideas.

2. Use food

You're going to have food anyway -- why not arrange it nicely and let it double as your baby shower centerpiece ideas? Tiered cupcakes, a baby sheet cake surrounded by confetti, or even a well arranged fruit platter can all make fantastic center pieces.

3. Use plants

Plants are always popular baby shower centerpieces. Use real flowers or inexpensive potted plants guests can take home as prizes for baby shower games -- again, we're shrinking your budget and your clean up while still providing a great time.

4. Go with the classics

It's not hard to make classic centerpieces: get a cheap vase from your local discount store, fill it with pebbles or fish bowl stones, tie a ribbon around it, fill it with water, and drop in a floating candle. Presto: instant centerpiece.

Never let the centerpiece stress you out -- you have more important things to worry about. And with these baby shower centerpieces, you can turn your mind to the essential part of the shower: making sure Mom walks away with a smile.


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