A Unique Baby Shower Theme: The Remembrance Shower

Instead of the same old games and goodies, why not opt for a unique baby shower theme?

These days, finding a truly unique baby shower theme is pretty much like finding a flesh-and-blood unicorn: it ain't gonna happen. But that doesn't mean you can't make your buddy's baby shower a distinctive and memorable event, even without adding male strippers to the mix.

Many of us forget that one of the guests of honor is always the baby herself. So why not get that baby involved in the festivities?

Say What?

One of these days, that baby you're celebrating will be a curious kid. So here's an idea: make it a goal to communicate across time to that child, so you can tell them how much you looked forward to meeting them, and how much their mother means to you.

All you need in order to get started is a pen. And, of course, there are those more recent riffs on communications technology to explore: audio and video recording.


Starting to get the picture here? Why not put together a kind of scrapbook to present to the child when they're old enough to appreciate it?

Now, "old enough" is up to the parents; they may want the child to experience it when they're six or seven, or may want to wait until they're older, so the presentation has more of an impact. However you do it, it's a great way to let the child know they're loved and were joyfully anticipated.

Low-Tech Options

The easiest way to do this is to create a memory book, of the kind that proud parents often keep for their child's first year, or that high school seniors put together as they're getting ready to graduate. Something like this can be just an add-on to the greater festivities.

You can include a list of all the attendees, and have each one write a little message to the baby. You can add pictures, include one of the shower invitations, list all the little goodies the mommy received, and more -- it's all up to you!

The Visual Record

Camcorders are pretty cheap these days, so it may be easier to slap a flash drive or CD into yours and record visual messages from each of the attendees. This adds a whole extra dimension to the process. If you've got the bucks, you can even hire a videographer to film the event, and edit it into a neat package later.

Bottom Line

Whatever the technology you use and however you choose to handle the process, a remembrance shower, addressed to the future version of the child whose imminent birth you're celebrating, is sure to be one of a kind -- and will probably represent the most unique baby shower you'll ever attend!


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