A Cute Idea for a Baby Shower Surprise

If the chocolate "dirty baby diapers" idea is getting a little stale, here's a baby shower surprise you might prefer

If you've been to a baby shower recently, you've probably gotten a baby shower surprise "gift" of a diaper filled with melted chocolate -- a sweet facsimile of what you can expect with a new baby. Somehow, that's gotten to be the joke of choice, proving that the ladies are no less crass than their significant others.

Well, at least it's not fake doggie doo. Anyone who says puns are the lowest form of humor just doesn't know what the crap they're talking about, do they?

A (slightly) more refined option

Rather than deal with goo-filled diapers, we've got an offering that's somewhat more refined. Alas, it's not high art, but it's still kinda funny, assuming your baby shower guests have senses of humor... which admittedly isn't always a valid assumption.

High brow it ain't -- but it's still entertaining. And it's not just a funny little surprise, it's a genuine, useful baby shower gift too. All you need is a toddler's potty chair, some lemon or pineapple Jell-O, and a mini Babe Ruth candy bar.

Party poop(er)

Okay, so by now you've probably figured out where I'm going with this. First, you assemble the chair and clean it thoroughly. Then, you mix up the Jell-O and pour it into the potty, and before you put it in the fridge, what do you do with the candy bar? Ya drop it right in there.

Guess what it looks like once the Jell-O sets. Go on, take a wild guess. Mmm-mmm good! And that's why we call it a surprise.

The Grand Finale

Now: once the party's n full swing, give your surprise to the mommy-to-be. Remember, she'll need a spoon. Oh, and you'd better hope she isn't suffering too much from morning sickness.

It's gross-looking, but it's yummy, so make sure everyone gets a taste -- and a great big laugh. Once the potty chair's empty, hey, you've got a great little gift that will eventually come in handy! It may take a few years, but your friend can always put it on a shelf for later.

If this doesn't fly, you can always turn to your Hello Mommy Cake, which is shaped like a pregnant lady. Hey, I realize that the ol' Potty Chair Surprise isn't for everyone, but if she turns up her nose at the pregnant lady cake, your friend just has no sense of humor at all.


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