A Children's Baby Shower

Baby showers are, at one level, all about the child to come...but we tend to forget to invite other children. Why not have a children's baby shower?

To most shower planners, the concept of a children's baby shower is... well, a bit weird. After all, the basic idea of a baby shower is to shower the mother with gifts, to make caring for her new baby easier -- and, naturally, to take advantage of the excuse to have a party.

Well, if you're going to have a party, why leave the baby's siblings out of it? If they're young enough, they'll have fun getting together with their friends to welcome their new brother or sister into the world. Plus, this is a great way to tone down that inevitable sibling jealousy that's going to happen anyway.

A Family Matter

When you think about it, it seems a little odd, by modern standards, that we tend to limit baby showers to women anyway. Oh, it's understandable; but it's hopelessly old-fashioned, and takes a view of gender and family roles that aren't necessarily applicable anymore.

Coed and male-only baby showers have become more common, but where's the rest of the family in all this? Sure, sometimes kids attend a standard baby shower, especially if they're older; but often, we pointedly exclude them.

Yet consider this: the family's existing kids might be comforted by having a little fuss made over them, too, during a period when everyone lavishes their attention upon Mommy and the Coming Attraction.

A Few Ideas

While older children may not appreciate hobnobbing with younger siblings and their friends, and babes-in-arms won't be able to attend, a children's shower could include anyone from toddlers to tweens -- with a few adult (or at least well-paid teen) chaperones on hand to control the chaos.

Think of it as a pre-birthday party, if you will, and let the kids invite whomever they want. The guests can bring gifts, designed to help the expectant siblings deal with the baby. Depending on their ages, a few extra coloring books may go a long way toward helping the siblings deal with all that extra fuss and noise.

Party Games

In addition to the Cake and Ice Cream standard, the kiddos might engage in little games like guessing what day and time the baby will be born, what the baby's gender will be, how much he or she will weigh, and what color their eyes or hair might be.

Just set your imagination loose, and come up with a few silly activities little kids might like.

This is a great way to help the new baby's siblings get through a trying time for them, when attention naturally flows elsewhere, and it may help them accept the baby more easily. So if siblings are involved, give a children's baby shower some thought!


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